Thursday, July 19, 2012

Expedition to the Faraway Lands

The Following is the diary of an explorer discovered along with his remains

Day 1: My small boat crashed today on the shore of a new continent. This is where I was headed, off to explore the vastness of the world. I was in territory far past the edges of the map and I was excited about the journey. I had some tools with me and a blade for if the wildlife became too rough. I plan to explore a little and eventually start up a small settlement for people from my homeland to come.

Day 2-Morning: I heard noises in the night and they kept me up. It was probably my imagination but I thought I heard the sounds of people moaning and odd rattling noises. I came from a peaceful land and never heard anything like it, but it is day now and I am ready to adventure some more.
Evening: Well that was an odd day, I found some pigs and I roasted their meat with some wood I had gathered but I couldn’t bring myself to eat. I had traveled all day, I should be hungry but I’m not. I’ll continue filling out my maps I’ll only write if something interesting happens.

Day 5: The last few days, I have seen odd signs and terrain that doesn’t make sense. I have seen sand that has fallen in odd ways and water falling as if small channels had been dug to combine the flows. It is probably my imagination getting the better of me.

Day 8: I have still not eaten since I arrived and I ended up throwing some of my food away when my pack began to fill. Something of this place seems familiar to me now, as if it comes from an age when the world wasn’t…right. Things just seem odd as if terrain is random. Maybe I was too sheltered in my village.

Day 12: I decided to investigate the nightly noises and it seems as if this land is more nefarious than I imagined. I saw the dead walk the forests. I fought one of them off with my blade but it scratched me before I could take it down. That explained the moaning but after that I ran as fast as I could. It explained the moaning. I heard the thing make the same noises, but the rattling and hissing have not yet been explained. I cannot sleep now, knowing what plagues the night. And this seems unimportant now but I finally felt hungry enough to eat for the first time since I arrived.

Day 15: I have not stopped moving since the incident on night 11. I have taken refuge on top of a tree to catch my breath. I have seen arrows whiz by my head and what I swore were small explosions behind me. Needless to say, I am frightened. Though it seems as if they are hurt by the daylight so I should be safe while the sun is out.

Day 20: I have found evidence of someone else being on this land. I found a torch resting in the ground, burning and creating a light. I did some nearby exploration and found what appeared to be a shelter dug in to the ground. There was a bed in there and after blocking the entrance I slept for the first time in almost 2 weeks.

Day 27: I have found more of the hiding holes in the ground but I now fear whoever left them.  They kept traveling in one direction. It seemed as if they moved at the same consistent pace and always rested at night. This person is fearless; there is only one bed each time, so they must be traveling alone. I am following the trail, my own inquisitiveness getting the best of me.

Day 34: I have continued following the trail, fleeing and fighting the hordes of the undead that fill this land. I sometimes swear that I hear a dog barking occasionally in the distance. I have stopped ending my journey at night. I travel nonstop and this person has begun to build his hiding places in the air above the ground. He is fearless and therefore terrifying.

Day 57: I barely know what is real anymore. I have found amazing canyons and deeps holes leading to the depths of the world. Sometimes lava flows freely over the ground.

Day 74: I have become hardened, I can fight these creatures easily now but I must stay vigilant. I shake constantly though it feels unnatural, as if the world itself is shaking instead. I have been traveling so far, finding the occasional work station and building small boats to continue my journey westward. I feat the world itself is unraveling.

Day 85: I know I heard it this time. An unmistakable barking of a single dog as morning rose. I am getting close. I know it.

Day 91: My vision is cloudy but I keep hearing the barking, just ahead. I believe I have caught glimpses of this man I am following but I cannot be sure of what is real. I haven’t eaten in well over a month.

Day 92: I heard a sound of some sort of humanesque cry. It sounded like “Gee GEE GEE” I don’t know what it means but I am scared now. I saw a mountain of sand fall in front of me. I now fear that he is hunting me.

Day 93: I know he is out there somewhere, I’ve heard him, I know it. Maybe it’s just my (diary ends here)


  1. I don't know why but I think this is PSJs POV

    1. I know what you mean, I thought the same thing!